The benefits of laughing


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More ways to get laughter into your day

Laughter can boost our oxygen intake, improve artery function and increase the brain’s production of feel good chemicals called endorphins. Read 10 practical tips on how to bring more laughter into your life.

10 Ways to Laugh More

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5 Fatigue Fighting Tips

5 fatigue-fighting tips

Feeling a little fatigued? Chances are you know what’s causing this feeling. With a few simple lifestyle changes, it’s likely you have the power to put the vitality back in your life.

Healthy body, healthy mind. Girl running towards the water on a beach while smiling at the camera

Why being active is so important for wellbeing

As we face ongoing physical distancing due to COVID-19, it’s more important than ever to stay active. Tegan from The ORANGES Toolkit tells us why.

Text saying digital fatigue next to a photo of a smartphone

How to clear your mind

When our brains are in overdrive, we can experience memory problems and find it more difficult to think clearly, to plan and to control our emotions. We’ll show you three ways to overcome your cognitive overload and leave your mind feeling clear, centred and ready to conquer the day.