Our publishing standards

Camp Quality aims to provide accurate, helpful and trustworthy information for families. These publishing standards underpin the criteria that we use when assessing and collating information from various organisations and making them available on our site. We follow the HONcode Principles and strive to meet WCAG AA accessibility standards for our online resources.

We are an approved Healthdirect Australia Information Partner so adhere to their Publishing Standards also.

Here are the steps we take to ensure compliance with our Publishing Standards:

Authority and editorial process

  • Content on this website is created and edited by Camp Quality staff only. We gratefully acknowledge the input of health care professionals, and families who have been impacted by cancer.
  • Medical or health information is provided or reviewed by an appropriately qualified professional. However, you should seek independent medical advice where appropriate.
  • We make it clear if information is not provided by a qualified professional. For example, where it is personal experience of someone impacted by cancer. This information should not be relied on for medical purposes as each person’s experience is unique to them.
  • Where appropriate, and with their consent, we provide the names of the professionals who contribute to the information we publish.


  • All information we publish is designed to support, not replace, the relationship between you and your health care professionals.


  • You are in control of your personal information. We do not use any person’s individual personal information other than for the purpose it is provided to us. We provide links to our privacy policy throughout this website.


  • We provide links, citations or references to source material where relevant.
  • We make it clear when information was published, reviewed or updated.


  • Our resources use balanced evidence to support any claims, and we provide references to that evidence.


  • We welcome any feedback or questions relating to the information we publish via our contact us page.

Financial disclosure

  • We disclose sources of funding where relevant to the information we provide. This website was funded, in part, by the Queensland Government Gambling Community Benefit Fund.

Advertising policy

  • We do not accept advertising on this website.