Leave a meaningful and powerful legacy for future generations by including a gift in your Will to Camp Quality. Every bequest gift, no matter its size, helps us bring positivity, fun and laughter back into the lives of kids facing cancer when they need it the most.

Three Camp Quality kids sit together in the grass at a retreat
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Your Support

Cancer impacts whole families and makes every moment about sickness and treatment. Juggling hospital stays, work and years of treatment often means families no longer get the chance to spend quality time together. It’s common for them to even forget what it’s like to have fun. Camp Quality camps and services make up for some of that precious lost time.

There is nothing more meaningful than completely changing someone’s life for the better. You can leave this legacy through a bequest.

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What is a Gift in Will?

A Gift-in-Will  (also known as a bequest) is an act of giving personal property or financial assets to an individual or organisation in your Will.

You can include Camp Quality in your Will by leaving:

  • A specific dollar amount or a percentage of your estate
  • The residue (the remainder of your estate after your bequests to loved ones have been distributed) of your estate or a percentage of it
  • Real estate, shares, collections, assets, insurance policies and annuities.

Sue, NSW

“I was updating my Will and reflecting on my life – that’s when I made the decision to leave a percentage of my estate to Camp Quality. My family and I have been very fortunate. We may have had our difficulties, but nothing as challenging as a child going through cancer. I wanted to pay my good fortune forward for others who have not been as lucky.”

Sue, who has left Camp Quality a bequest, sits on the beach

Tegan, Mandurah Camp Quality Mum

“Jayden was diagnosed with blood cancer a few weeks before he turned seven. Treatment was traumatic for us all and all the restrictions of what he couldn’t do anymore made it even harder.  When we went on Family Camp, everyone just got it. It was a place we could feel comfortable that wasn’t the hospital or our house, knowing that help was there if we needed it. Jayden loves Camp Quality because he gets to meet kids like him and do so many fun activities.”


A bequest, or a gift in Will, is a donation left to the charity of your choice, as outlined in your Will.

I give, free of all duties and taxes (choose one of the following)
the whole of my estate (or___________% of my estate), or
the residue of my estate (or____% of the residue of my estate), or
the sum of $___________, or my units/shares in_____________Trust/Ltd, or
my real property (or ____ % of my property) situated at (address) having the title reference _____________________, or
the proceeds from the sale of __________ *as liquidated by the executor of the estate* sale of a specific item such as artwork, jewellery etc. to Camp Quality Limited, ABN 87 052 097 720, Suite 5.01/77 Pacific Hwy, North Sydney NSW 2060.

We recommend you use the services of a solicitor to make sure your wishes are accurately reflected in your Will.

Camp Quality

  • is a charity registered with the Australian Charities and Not–For-Profits Commission has an ABN: 87 052 097 720
  • is endorsed as an income tax exempt charitable entity
  • is endorsed as a deductible gift recipient
  • is endorsed for GST concessions.(Endorsements are entered on the public register maintained by the Australian Business Registrar at abr.business.gov.au).

Every bequest donation makes a difference, whether it is large or small. A gift in your Will of even $1000 can make a huge difference to the life of a child facing cancer.

Providing a gift in your Will is also a simple way of supporting Camp Quality without affecting your current lifestyle and financial situation.

Camp Quality relies almost entirely on the generosity of everyday Australians to help provide essential programs and services to the over 10,000 children registered with us. Your gift can give a child battling cancer their childhood back.

Read more about how we help.

Gifts in Will can be a specific monetary value, property or they can be a percentage of an estate or a share portfolio. Gifts in Will we have received in the past have included:

  • 50% share of the whole estate
  • 1/4 share of the residue of the estate
  • 25% of share portfolio
  • a specific gift (e.g. of $5000).

When the time does come, we will look at where your gift could make the biggest difference.

Our programs and services are constantly evolving to meet the needs of families, so it is hard to predict where the greatest need will be at any given time.

If your preference is for your bequest donation to be spent in a certain state, please call our Gifts in Wills team on (02) 9876 0546 to discuss.

Find out more

To request more information about how you can leave a bequest to Camp Quality in your Will, please get in touch using this form.

For a friendly conversation with our knowledgeable Gifts in Wills team, please call  (02) 9876 0546, or email [email protected].

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