Anaesthetist (say a - NEE - sth - tist)

I’m a doctor who knows about medicines to help people relax and go into a type of deep ‘sleep’ during an operation. I make sure people can’t feel, hear, or see anything during surgery.

Haematologist (say he - ma - toll - o - jist)

I’m a doctor who knows a lot about diseases in the blood. This includes cancers like leukaemia.

Family friend

I’m a good friend of your family. You and your family trust me so it’s ok to talk to me about how you feel and what’s happening at home. You might see more of me when your Mum, Dad, sister or brother has cancer because I will help as much as I can.

School Counsellor

I work at your school and I want to help. You can talk to me about how you’re feeling. I can help you with some ideas to cope better.


You can talk to me any time and we can chat about your schoolwork. If someone you love has cancer, especially someone in your home, it might be harder to get all your school work done. We can work out a plan together.


I know ways to help people get better when they’re sick. You and your family might visit me in your local area if you have a cold or flu. Some doctors are also experts at helping with different diseases. Doctors who know a lot about cancer are called oncologists.

Kids Helpline Counsellor

I’m a great listener. If you feel unsure or worried, you can give me a call on 1800 551 800.

Family member

I’m your aunt, uncle, cousin or may be your grandparent! I love you. I know you and your family well, so I understand that things might be different at the moment. You can chat to me anytime.

Your best friend

I’m someone you have fun with and we do cool stuff together. You can talk to me about what’s going on at home if you want. I’ll try to understand but you might need to explain stuff to me if that’s ok.


I’m a doctor who knows how to look after children and adults with cancer.


I look after people who are unwell. I see them in hospital and sometimes at home. I can give them medicines and check to see if their body is working okay. I can find ways to make them more comfortable.


I know lots about feelings and I can help you or the person you care about. I can talk to you when things are tricky and sad as I am a really good listener.

Social Worker

I know how to help families cope better with cancer. I’m good at listening and finding ways to help.

Child Life Therapist

I help children and families understand some of the things that happen with treatments for cancer. I help kids find fun things to do to distract them from the scary stuff in hospital.


I’m a doctor who operates on people. This is called surgery. When people have cancer, they may need surgery to remove a lump or tumour.

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