How can I help my Brother or Sister?

You might have lots of different feelings when your brother or sister has cancer. That’s okay and really normal. You can talk with someone you trust, or if you need someone to talk to, you can ring Kids Helpline in 1800 55 1800


Keep In Touch

When they’re in hospital, make time to call, text or video message your brother or sister (ask someone in your family if you need help to do this). Tell a joke, a story, show them what your dog or cat is doing. You might even want to watch the same TV show at the same time, in different places.

Take Pictures

Sometimes people facing cancer have to spend lots of time in hospital, away from home. You could collect and print off a bunch of cool photos so they can stick them near their bed and remember all the people and places they love.

Keep Playing

Keep playing! Remember the things you like to do together – they just might have to change a bit if your brother or sister feels sick. If you like cooking together, but can’t at the moment, you may be able to start writing your own cook book with crazy recipes! Talk to the people in your family about what you can do instead.

Have a Chat

Let them know you love them. Have a chat about how you feel and ask questions. It’s okay to feel grumpy, or not want to talk about it sometimes. everyone needs their own space now and then.

Talk about your feelings

Talk to your Mum, Dad or someone else in your family who looks after you about how you can help. If your brother or sister is in hospital or they are feeling pretty sick, you might need to help at home a little bit. If you’re worried about what is happening with your brother or sister, you can talk with someone you trust, or if you need someone to talk to call Kids Helpline on 1800 55 1800.

Celebrate Good Things

Do fun stuff as a family when you can. Go to the park or have a cake to celebrate when chemo is over! Plans might have to change occasionally, but thats okay. Camp Quality also run fun events for families living with cancer in Australia – Mum, Dad or the person you care about can call then for info on 1300 662 267.

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