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Fundraising for Camp Quality is fun!

Fundraisers are the life blood of Camp Quality. We celebrate their innovation, imagination and sheer determination!

If you're into personal challenges or just want to celebrate an occasion, get your friends and family to support you and use this opportunity to raise funds for Camp Quality and help make laughter the best medicine for children impacted by cancer and their families.

We have summarised all the important information in one easy to find place here. This page should have everything you need to know, all you have to do is take the first step!

How does my fundraising make a difference?

Camp Quality has been supporting children impacted by cancer and their families since 1983.

We understand that having a child diagnosed with cancer can be devastating. A family’s world is turned upside down and the emotional, physical and financial impact can last long after the initial diagnosis.

Camp Quality believes that caring for children with cancer and their families goes beyond treatment and medication. That’s why we believe in the power of positive thinking, and that optimistic and resilient behaviours are fundamental psychosocial skills required for the cancer experience.

Our unique programs cover educational, financial, hospital and recreational needs and are delivered to thousands of children across the entire experience throughout Australia.

Fundraising Ideas

  • Challenge yourself


    Do you like to push yourself to the limits? To test your strength, courage and resilience? Set yourself a challenge have your friends encourage your effort with a donation. You can set up a fundraising page for your event to make it easy!

    • Shave/colour your hair
    • Do a fun run/marathon
    • Go a month without something you love
  • Cook up a storm


    You can turn any day or event into a fundraiser! Have you got a work function coming up? Do your mates like to get together? Charge per head to organise the night or put on a raffle or an auction!

    • Hold a monthly ‘fun therapy’ lunch and bring a dish to share
    • A pancake breakfast or a sausage sizzle lunch; at home, at school, at work. You can have the ingredients donated to keep expenses down
    • Morning or afternoon tea with a donation at the door
    • A good, old fashioned bake sale
  • Game on!


    Get laughing and put together a game day at school, home or work. The possibilities are endless, charge an entry fee or ask for a donation in exchange for the fun!

    • Baby photo guessing competition
    • Virtual tournament on Wii, Playstation or Xbox
    • Sweepstakes or tipping – the footy, Melbourne Cup, the Logies… Put on a sweep for your favourite ladder!
  • Get competitive


    Set up a long running competition in your office or school – and get competitive to create a better life for children living with cancer.

    • Lolly guessing jars
    • Colouring in competition
  • Just for fun!


    You can turn any day or event into a fundraiser! Have you got a work function coming up? Do your mates like to get together? Charge per head to organise the night or put on a raffle or an auction!

    • Karaoke night
    • Ten pin bowling night
    • Amazing race challenge
    • Mufti-day/ Casual Friday/ Dress up day

Need some fundraising ideas/inspiration?

Camp Quality’s fundraising cream of the crop have put together some fundraising ideas for you, and with a can do attitude you can do anything! On the left are some popular fundraising strategies to do at home, school or your workplace.

So you'd love to fundraise for Camp Quality?

Great! We have everything you need at your fingertips, including ideas and ways to increase your donations.

Your first question is - do you want to join a fundraising event or are you creating your own? Then follow the instructions below to start fundraising for us!

Fundraise for one of our events

If you want to join, register or set up your fundraising page for one of our events, then please visit our Events page here to find the event you want to fundraise for.

Create your own fundraising event

If you’d like to create your own fundraising event to raise funds for Camp Quality - be it a trivia night, garage sale, mufti day or any other wacky or new idea, please click here to download and complete a Fundraising Application form. The information you complete will help us provide you with an Authority to Fundraise and you can then begin fundraising!


Sarah Burgess
P: 02 9146 1324

Fundraise for ACT

NSW - Sydney

Nikki Austin
P: 02 9876 0500

Fundraise for NSW - Sydney

NSW - Coffs Harbour

Melissa Bell
P: 02 6651 4486

Fundraise for NSW - Coffs Harbour

NSW - Illawarra

Sonia Cameron
P: 02 4256 0127

Fundraise for NSW - Illawarra

NSW - Newcastle

Donna George
P: 02 4947 3041

Fundraise for NSW - Newcastle


Amy Brady Burns
P: 08 8985 4433

Fundraise for NT


Jake Sullivan
P: 07 3084 4109

Fundraise for QLD - Brisbane


Janette Bertram
P: 08 8410 5555

Fundraise for SA


Fiona Dickson
P: 03 8535 2823

Fundraise for TAS


Fiona Dickson
P: 03 8535 2823

Fundraise for VIC


Kylie Muriale
P: 08 9388 8533

Fundraise for WA