When a child has a parent or carer who is diagnosed with cancer, they can miss out on the simple fun of childhood. At Camp Quality we have identified the need to support these children.

A parent impacted by cancer hugs her daughter at a Camp Quality event

We believe all kids facing cancer should have the chance to be kids again

Camp Quality brings positivity, fun and laughter back into the lives of all kids facing cancer. And we are there for children (0-15 years) dealing with a parent’s or caregiver’s cancer diagnosis with our Kids Impacted by a Carer’s Cancer (KICC) Program.

Our free KICC programs and services help children and families build optimism and resilience toward their cancer experience through community, education and fun.

A break from cancer is vital for kids impacted by a caregiver’s diagnosis. 

A mum smiles at her daughter at a Camp Quality camp

The benefits for kids and families

  • Camps provide a break from the challenges that come with cancer for kids and parents/primary caregivers
  • Camps provide distraction from regular stays in hospital and provide a chance for families to momentarily forget about cancer
  • Kids value the chance to do fun, exciting and different activities
  • Kids are able to get back to just being kids and have a break from cancer
  • Children are able to spend time with other kids who have similar experiences and backgrounds to them in an environment where they receive plenty of support and encouragement 

‘Camp Quality Impact Study: Family And Kids’ Camps’, June 2021 [PDF]


Fun and support for the whole family

A family in hard hats and harnesses preparing to go on the flying fox at a Camp Quality family camp

Family Camps

Family Camps enable the whole family to enjoy quality time together and reconnect. They are a chance to build a supportive community with other families facing cancer.

A child is wrapped up warm in pink snow gear, holding a snowball

Family Experiences

At Camp Quality laughter is the best medicine. Our family experiences provide tickets to games and events free of charge so the family can laugh and make happy memories away from the stresses of cancer.

A family shows off their art work at a Camp Quality Family Fun Day

Family Fun Days

Camp Quality’s Family Fun Days are free, one-day events that create happy memories not centred on illness for families facing cancer.

A family paddle in the sea at a Camp Quality retreat

Family Retreats

Camp Quality retreats provide families facing cancer the opportunity to go away on holiday, relax and make positive memories.

It’s simple to join
Do you have a child 0-15 years old facing the cancer diagnosis of a mum, dad, or carer? You can register your family online today for free, or by calling the Camp Quality team on 1300 662 267.
A family at a Camp Quality family camps

Hear from a family impacted by a carer's cancer

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