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Kids' Guide to Cancer

Camp Quality’s world-first award-winning Kids’ Guide to Cancer app is a free, interactive educational tool that answers the most common questions children have about cancer. 

Featuring animated stories, age-appropriate info and colourful and engaging graphics, the app teaches kids about cancer, hospitals, treatments and who's there to help.

Primary School Cancer Education Program: Parents

Our Primary School Cancer Education Program has been running successfully for over 30 years. It is designed to help kids better understand what cancer is and how they can suport someone dealing with it. It includes a range of age-appropriate downloadable resources to keep the discussion and education rolling long after the Camp Quality Puppets have left the stage. 

Primary School Cancer Education Program: Teachers

As a teacher, principal, or school counsellor, our Primary School Cancer Education Program can help you build a supportive school community for any child growing up with cancer. The program, written by Joanna Erskine from Bell Shakespeare Company and featuring our Camp Quality Puppets, is free, fun, and supported by educational resources for teachers and students. 

Primary School Cancer Education Program: Kids

Our puppets Kylie, Dean and Melissa are cheeky and lots of fun, but they carry an important message. If the Puppets visit your school they can help other kids understand what's going on for you, how to be a good friend, and most importantly that you can't catch cancer! Jam-packed with fun, laughter and positivity, they would love to come to your school!