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How Camp Quality helps at schools

Primary School Cancer Education Program

The Camp Quality Puppets, Kylie, Dean and Mel, visit primary schools and pre-schools across Australia. They perform a fun, interactive show that dispels cancer myths and creates an inclusive community for children who have been diagnosed with cancer or have a diagnosed parent or sibling.

The Primary School Cancer Education Program also offers access to a range of age-appropriate, downloadable resources for teachers and parents to keep the discussion going well after the puppets have left the stage. 

In 2018, the Primary School Cancer Education Program celebrated reaching 5 million audience members, making this program one of the longest-running, most successful performance education programs in Australia. An independent review by KPMG in 2020, showed that for every $1 spent on the Primary School Education Program there is a $5 social return on investment. Our Primary School Cancer Education Program has performed to over 607,000 students at almost 4,000 schools in the past five years.

Primary School Cancer Education Program: Teachers

As a teacher, principal, or school counsellor, our Primary School Cancer Education Program can help you build a supportive school community for any child growing up with cancer. The program, written by Joanna Erskine from Bell Shakespeare Company and featuring our Camp Quality Puppets, is free, fun, and supported by educational resources for teachers and students. 

Primary School Cancer Education Program: Kids

Our puppets, Kylie, Dean and Melissa, are cheeky and lots of fun, but they carry an important message as well. If the Puppets visit your school they can help other kids understand what's going on for you, how to be a good friend and, most importantly, that you can't catch cancer! Jam-packed with fun, laughter and positivity, they would love to come to your school!

Kids' Guide to Cancer App

Our world-first Kids’ Guide to Cancer app is a free, interactive educational app that answers the most common questions children have regarding cancer. The app also features animated stories that promote peer support and understanding. The Kids' Guide to Cancer app won 'Best in Class' at the 2015 and 2017 IMA Awards – their highest honour. It is available from the App Store on iPhone and Android.