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Family Camp

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Family Camps are an opportunity for families to reconnect with each other and make new connections with families in a similar situation. This builds their tool kit of resources for the ongoing experiences they face and can create lifelong friendships.

It is an opportunity to relax and make memories not centred on sickness - often for the first time since a diagnosis.


Camps are available all over Australia

Benefits of family camps

  • Increases each family member's resilience and ability to cope, without the pressure of financial expense
  • Allows parents/carers to re-connect with siblings and/or children with cancer. This is particularly important for siblings who can be confused and disappointed when parent’s attention is diverted to the child with cancer
  • Gives families the opportunity to build their support network by meeting and forming friendships with other families going through similar experiences
  • Strengthens parent/partner bonds and increases stability and unification in facing extreme adversity
  • Access to other support services and information about the cancer experience
  • Creates lasting, positive memories that can be a highlight during difficult times

Who is eligible?

Families who have a child diagnosed with cancer where there is a child/or children in the family who are 13yrs or younger.

For more information on this program, please contact your local office (include links to local office contact details).