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Our travelling puppet shows for preschools and primary schools answer the difficult questions kids have about cancer. The shows dispel common myths and misconceptions, and teach students how to be supportive and understanding of kids facing cancer – all of which helps to prevent bullying and exclusion.

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Primary School Cancer Education Program

Camp Quality Primary School Cancer Education Program - puppeteer performs with puppet in front of school children

Our Primary School Cancer Education Program, featuring the Camp Quality Puppets, helps schools create supportive communities for any child impacted by cancer, whether they are dealing with their own cancer diagnosis or the diagnosis of a sibling, mum, dad or carer. 

The Performance

Our puppets provide fun, interactive and age-appropriate cancer education that helps to dispel common misunderstandings and provide a shared language to facilitate cancer conversations. There is no cost for the school or students.
There are two shows aimed at different age groups: 

  • Caring Friend caters to kindergarten and lower primary students (up to Year 2) and runs for approximately 30 minutes.  
  • Caped Crusader caters to upper primary students (up to Year 6) and runs for approximately 60 minutes. 

We can perform up to three shows per day with a maximum of 250 students per session.

Our program relates to kids on their level and explores themes relevant to the cancer experience, including:

  • You can’t catch cancer from someone else
  • Treatments and side-effects of cancer
  • How to be supportive of someone facing cancer
  • The importance of recognising our own strengths and the power of positivity   

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Resources For Teachers

To complement the puppet performances, we offer ‘Teacher Resource Packs’. The pack provides age-appropriate cancer information and further learning opportunities on the social and emotional impacts for a child facing cancer.

Teacher lesson plans
  • ACT, NT, QLD, SA, TAS (aligned to the EYLF and Australian Curriculum)
  • NSW (aligned to the EYLF and New South Wales Curriculum)
  • VIC (aligned to the EYLF and Victorian Curriculum)
  • WA (aligned to the EYLF and Western Australian Curriculum)

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For Parents

Our puppet shows help to reduce the likelihood of bullying, confusion, exclusion and anxiety that can follow a cancer diagnosis. For children facing cancer, this makes the transition from hospital back to school a little less daunting.

For children who have a family member with a cancer diagnosis, it helps them relate to their peers who’ll gain an understanding of what their family is going through.

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