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Become a volunteer

Become a volunteer

Our volunteers are the heart of the Camp Quality family. Generous and passionate, Camp Quality volunteers love to have fun. They’re not afraid to roll up their sleeves and get dirty. They like to make a difference, and they do.

There are many different ways for you to get involved with Camp Quality and help create a better life for children and their families impacted by cancer. 

Volunteering for Camp Quality offers many benefits. You’ll make new friends, be inspired, help others and have a lot of fun.

Camp Quality also strives to make its volunteering experience as great as possible.

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How is volunteering at Camp Quality different?

  • We love our volunteers, they become part of our family
  • We are dedicated to creating a fun, safe and rewarding experience for our volunteers
  • We provide our volunteers with all the training they need
  • Our volunteers have a voice and we listen through regular surveys and we seek advice from a consultation committee
  • We celebrate our volunteer milestones and outstanding achievements
  • We have annual volunteer events where volunteers can socialise and meet new friends

Camp Quality is committed to meeting Volunteering Australia’s National Standards for Involving Volunteers and are a signatory of the Statement of Principles for the Recognition of Volunteers.

  • Camp Quality Graduate


    Thank you so much Camp Quality for the past 11 years. Some of my best memories are being on camp. Camp Quality has always been there for me and my family and then to graduate today is amazing.

    I thought that everyone put a huge effort in to grad camp so thank you to everyone who helped organised it and the other states. I hope to see lots of you again some day.

  • Madelyne, Heath’s Grandma


    Heath loved it, didn't matter what activity they did, he just loved it. He would talk about it for weeks and weeks and weeks, and he was just always so happy when he came back.

    Isn't that marvellous that someone can make another person so happy? It becomes the most important thing in these kids' lives.

  • Rachael, Leah’s Mum


    Leah is shy but Camp Quality built up her confidence when they met us on the ward. Soon she was courageous enough to join the activities by herself and try new things.

    I can't explain how important it is just to have somebody like Camp Quality there. I can't really put into words how thankful I am. It's part of treatment. It's part of healing.

  • Ruth, Harley’s Grandma


    Harley just doesn't know how to act around other children. He struggled to make friends. But that changed when Camp Quality came into our lives.

    It's great he can go on camp and do skateboarding and soccer and I think he enjoys the male bonding.

  • Seth’s Mum


    My Seth had been absent for a while with all the bullying, appointments and surgery. But today he's back, he's happy and he's confident. My boy is home. I can't thank you enough for giving my boy the most amazing week of his life.

  • Sheila, Maya’s Mum


    After being stuck in hospital for so long, you take any opportunity to see your child happy, like at Camp Quality’s Family Fun Day. Plus - Maya got to see the kids she met in hospital again. They’re her friends now. We’re like one big happy family.


Why volunteer with Camp Quality?

  • You will learn new skills
  • You will meet some truly inspirational children and families
  • You will create friendships with like-minded people from diverse backgrounds
  • You will make a real difference to the 10,000 children impacted by cancer in Australia and their families
Volunteer FAQTypes of volunteer


Partners contributing to our volunteers


Fujitsu proudly supports Camp Quality Fujitsu powers Camp Quality’s Online Volunteer Training Program. This state of the art online training portal speeds up volunteer recruitment by providing valuable training to individuals who sign up to be Camp Quality recreation program volunteers.

Types of volunteers



Camp Quality’s Companions and Rovers bring energy, fun and support to our Kids and Family camps.

‘Companions’ act like big brothers or sisters. They are matched with a child/ren to create a super fun and supportive environment for the kids.

‘Rovers’ do just that. They go wherever they’re needed, making sure everything runs smoothly and everyone is having fun.

We ask that Companions and Rovers commit to at least two Rec Programs each year, these can range from a full day activity to a 5 day camp.

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Fundraising volunteers are the unsung heroes who make our programs sing.

Fundraising volunteers run and participate in fundraising events, source auction items, sell raffle tickets and generally make sure that laughter is the best medicine.

Anyone can help with our important fundraising. We have activities happening all over Australia, so ask us today about how you can help out.

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Medical volunteer


The welfare and safety of our children at our camps is paramount. On every Kids Camp we have at least two medical volunteers. If you are a Doctor, Registered Nurse or an Enrolled Nurse who is medication-endorsed and can generously give your time to attend one of our Kid’s camp, we’d love your help. In return, you’ll have a lot of fun.

We ask that Medical Volunteers commit to at least one Rec Program each year. You can also volunteer as Companion or Rover.

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Admin volunteer


Paperwork waits for no-one. The Camp Quality local offices are always looking for administrative support, someone to answer phones, do data entry, filing and everything in between.

If you can commit to helping one day a month during office hours, we’d love to hear from you.

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