Help relieve the trauma of cancer treatment for kids like Caleb


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Will you help reduce the trauma of cancer treatment for kids like Caleb?

When Caleb was nine he was diagnosed with brain cancer. Through month after month of gruelling treatment, Child Life Therapist Kylie Estreich was by his side, helping him bear the unbearable.

When Caleb’s head was enclosed in a mask and screwed to the table for radiotherapy, Kylie helped him overcome his claustrophobia and lie still to avoid damage to healthy tissue.

Through seven months of gruelling of chemotherapy, Kylie helped Caleb through endless waves of discomfort and nausea.

When he couldn’t stand the sight of another needle, Kylie helped him get through it – again and again and again.

Through all the tortures of childhood cancer treatment, Child Life Therapists help children like Caleb build resilience, reduce their fears and teach them ways to cope. Doesn’t every child facing cancer deserve that kind of support? If you agree please donate now, and help us provide Child Life Therapists to every kid facing cancer treatment who needs one.

With the end of financial year almost here, your generous gift helps children like Caleb cope with the rigors of cancer treatment and not only survive, but thrive!



Help us reduce the trauma of cancer treatment for kids like Caleb

Tax Appeal 2018

After surgery to remove his brain tumour 9-year-old Caleb underwent 30 sessions of radiation; seven months of chemo; and endless blood tests, cannulas and nasogastric tube insertions.

Experiences like this can stay with a child a long time, with serious effects on their physical and emotional health. That’s why Camp Quality funded Child Life Therapists like Kylie Estreich are so important to children like Caleb – and their families.

“I remember a time that Caleb needed a feeding tube inserted. That was a time I just wasn't coping, and she calmed him down when I couldn't. Without her it would have been 10,000 times worse.” – Caleb’s mum, Suzanne

Child Life Therapists like Kylie make the unbearable bearable for children undergoing cancer treatment, and their families.

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