Meet Brave Bobby!


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Bobby in hospital bed playing with toys

Bobby’s mum, Ness, explains,

“It’s mentally and physically draining on the other kids. Charlie, his older sister, is very close to Bobby and she has found it extremely hard. She has separation anxiety now. She gets very worried when we have to go to hospital or something bad happens. It’s all a lot, especially financially.

“It has been the hardest nine months of our lives, especially watching Bobby go through something that no parent or person should ever see – a child suffer – and listening to other kids beg in pain and scream while you’re in hospital. It’s heartbreaking.”

Help kids like Bobby and his siblings have the chance to be kids

Bobby's family with fireworks in the background

Camp Quality has been there for Bobby and his family with Family Fun Days, where they can all have a good time together in a safe environment.

Ness says,

“It gives the opportunity for our family to be a family. We also have a Family Camp booked in for September and we are so looking forward to spending some quality time together, and letting the kids breathe as well – especially the older kids. It’s not just about Bobby, it’s about them, as well.”

Do you have a child impacted by cancer in the family?
Bobby and sister smiling in hospital bed

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