Wooli community supports Camp Quality for 10 years
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Wooli community supports Camp Quality for 10 years

Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Wooli community supports Camp Quality for 10 years

In August, the Wooli community celebrated 10 years of supporting Camp Quality by having a Family Fun Day. In the last decade, the Wooli community has raised over $200,000, with $16,000 raised this year.

A range of local businesses supported Wooli’s Family Fun Days over the years. Stan from Wooli Deep Sea Tours has been taking families living with cancer out on boats for whale watching and fishing trips since the beginning and shared why he supports Camp Quality on the Daily Examiner

“It’s so good to see a smile on their face. To have cancer as an adult, that’s life. But to have it when you’re young, it’s no good. It doesn’t give a kid an even break. The whole community pulls together to provide everything free of charge – from holiday houses, boat trips and food, to cooking and doing the dishes. There’s even an old lady who makes teddies. So many people put in little things and it all adds up to big things.” -Stan

The Pullan family shared their cancer journey and how the support from Camp Quality and the Wooli community impacted them on Byron Shire News.

The Wooli community have made a significant difference in creating the best quality of life for kids living with cancer and their families. 

“The Wooli community has for ten years given an amazing gift to kids and their families living with cancer. When a child has cancer, life becomes about hospital wards and treatment. Families can’t imagine being able to go away and have a good time together. The Wooli community has made that possible. This Fun Day is about saying thank you and also sharing some of the fun their generosity has provided to families in the toughest of times,” - Bella Edwards, Camp Quality Northern NSW

Thank you, Wooli community, for your continued support over the last 10 years and we can’t wait for the next event! 

About Camp Quality Family Fun Days

Family Fun Days provide families living with cancer the opportunity to enjoy a special day of entertainment and enjoyment free of charge.

Regular Family Fun Days are scheduled by Camp Quality all over Australia. They take many shapes, with fun activities for the whole family. Everything is taken care of and organised. All families have to do is turn up and have fun.

Family Fun Days provide families and children including siblings, an important chance to bond, make new friends, share stories and enjoy some time away from the rigors of hospital and treatment.

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