Sam’s Story – Camp Quality Volunteer


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Sam - Camp Quality Volunteer

Sam first heard about Camp Quality when she was 7 and her friend was attending our programs and services, she says, “My friend would always tell me about what a great time she had and come back with the best stories!”.

๐Ÿ•๏ธ Sam has been volunteering with Camp Quality for 13 years now.

Sam smiling at the camera while hugging a person holding a cricket bat

In all this time, her favourite memory is from a recent camp where another long-term volunteer overcame her intense fear of heights, at the request of a Camp Quality kid! “There were tears in my eyes!”, Sam says, “Every time you attend camp you will leave knowing the world is a better place. You get to observe and participate in moments that are so special – whether that is a camper making a new friend, participating in a new activity, overcoming a fear or just having the time of their lives!”.

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