Meet the Winners of the Gillard Award this Volunteer Week!


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Val Gilbert - WA

Val Gilbert has received the WA Gillard Award for her 5 years of service with Camp Quality. Val plays two crucial roles, being one of the leading fundraisers in WA and as a companion for kids facing cancer on Kids’ Camps.

Val says the Camp Quality is a cause close to her heart.

“I first heard about Camp Quality at conference talk. I had lost an adult sister to cancer and was looking for a way to give back, for the help we had received.

I love that as a volunteer I can help make a difference to kids that have been through so much. The smiles on their faces are priceless & you come home with your heart filled. Volunteering is good for the soul.”

Val Gilbert

Kim Anderson has received the QLD Gillard Award for her incredible 33 years of service as a medical volunteer and so much more. Kim is the Nursing Director at QLD Children’s hospital and truly goes above and beyond, using her incredible skills outside of the workforce to bring joy to the lives of kids facing cancer.

Kim says it was her father passing away when she was just 13 that started her passion for helping others. Kim says,

“I always wanted to be a Paediatric Oncology nurse, knowing what my father went through, I wanted to help in any way I could. I joined Camp Quality as a companion at the age of 15 – and have been there ever since”.

Camp Quality Family Program Coordinator Rebekka Calder says,

“Kim brought a wealth of knowledge from her role at QLD Children’s Hospital and was able to ensure our first Kids’ Camp post COVID was extremely safe and clean while still instilling fun in her role on Camp. In a stage where our medical personnel across Australia have been stretched already in their day jobs QLD couldn’t think of a more worthy nominee for the 2021 Gillard award – Thank you Kim!”

Kim Anderson smiling

Nikki Daire - NT

Nikki Daire has received the NT Gillard Award for her extraordinary 13 years of service with the Camp Quality.

Nikki plays a crucial role on Camp Quality Camps, being a companion to so many children facing the toughest time of their lives.

Nikki was motivated to start volunteering with Camp Quality at one of the most difficult stage of her own life. Nikki says,

“While at uni, I was suffering from depression. I came across an ad looking for volunteers for Camp Quality. The ‘laughter is the best medicine’ motto caught my eye. I was hoping that volunteering would help with my social isolation and mental health. I’ve been a volunteer ever since and my mental health is now much better.”


Nikki Diare

Keith Tompkins – South NSW

Keith Tompkins has received the South NSW award for his extraordinary 6 years of service with the children’s cancer charity, Camp Quality. Not only is Keith a phenomenal fundraising volunteer, helping Camp Quality secure funding from corporates, but he is a hands-on volunteer who is an integral part of Kids’ Camps and Family Camps, going the extra mile to make sure everyone has the best time.

Keith says that Camp Quality is a cause close to heart. He says,

“I lost both of my parents to cancer, my mum when I was 11 and dad when I was 24 so I know the impact this can have on kids. It’s what motivated me to become a volunteer when I found out about Camp Quality as it’s something I didn’t have as a kid growing up in Ireland.” 

Keith with Camp Quality Mascot

Liz Hill - NSW

Liz Hill has been recognised with the NSW Gillard Award for her extraordinary 19 years of service with Camp Quality. Liz plays a crucial role on Kids’ Camps, ensuring everyone has the best time.

Mandy Hawley, Camp Quality Family Program Coordinator says that Liz takes on any extra jobs and roles at camp with enthusiasm and excellence.

“Her sense of fun and warmth and the way she gets into all the activities eases the minds of those that may be apprehensive, shy or scared. Liz encourages everyone’s participations by sharing the sheer joy of the activity and making fun of herself, so the kids know they are in a safe environment where anything is possible”. 

Liz Hill holding snake

John Bradley - SA

John Bradley has been recognised with the SA Gillard Award for his extraordinary behind-the-scenes volunteering at the Camp Quality West Beach Caravan.

Josh repeatedly shows up week after week, to clean the West Beach respite facility making it ready for each family staying there. Josh plays this crucial role so each family facing cancer has a welcoming environment to create treasured memories together.

Camp Quality Family Program Coordinator Daniel Johnstone says he is glad John is being recognized for his incredible 4 years of behind-the-scenes work.

“John is the unsung hero of a thankless task with his ongoing commitment week after week to ensure the West Beach Caravan is kept in pristine condition for each family staying there. John works in the background and never meets our families, but volunteers with enthusiasm and pride.”

John bradley

Primary School teacher David Clingin will be recognised with the VIC Gillard Award for his extraordinary 13 years of service with Camp Quality.

Camp Quality Family Program Coordinator Sam Bertrand says that Dave has made a huge difference to the lives of kids facing.

“Dave has gone above and beyond, and is now a Camp Leader, running camps and has also volunteered in fundraising capacity. Whenever you see Dave, he has a smile on his face, even know it is hidden behind his bushy beard. Dave approaches volunteering with such joy and commitment. He is always the first to start a round of fun therapy, engaging both new and old volunteers. Dave approaches everything he does with excellence; his passion is second to none and he embodies our values in everything he does.” 

David Clingin

Fiona Smith has been recognised with the TAS Gillard award for her incredible work as a volunteer, member of the Volunteer Advisory Committee, fundraising champion, and her leadership within the TAS cohort of volunteers.

Camp Quality Family Program Coordinator, Daniel Johnstone says Fiona continues to go above and beyond as a volunteer and is an incredible advocate for Camp Quality.

“Fiona has continued to help with any fundraising or Camp Quality needs in Tasmania. She does so on short notice, is happy to travel, and has even recruited some reliable and amazing volunteers. She is a fantastic leader within our Tasmanian volunteer group.”

Tas Fiona

Lisa Whitton – Northern NSW

Lisa Whitton has been recognised with the Northern NSW Gillard award for her incredible 29 years of service.

Camp Quality Family Program Co-ordinator Mandie Hawley says,

“Lisa has been a constant positive example in the Northern NSW events for nearly 30 years now and through that time she has built strong connections both at Camp and in the community to promote Camp Quality. It is a credit to Lisa that at least 6 of her campers have now come back to Camp Quality as companions, positive advocates for Camp Quality and making a difference in the next generation of Camp Quality kids.”

Lisa smiling

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