Poppy smiles again!


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Poppy and Mika smiling in hospital bed

Poppy’s mum, Amelia, explains,

“The illness, the uncertainty and the isolation were really, really traumatic. It was during COVID, pretty much from one Sydney lockdown to the next. So Mika was completely isolated from all her friends and family. Prior to that, Poppy and I had been inseparable. So she suddenly was without me during a really stressful time. That was really, really hard on her. Even now, if I have to go away for work, she gets really upset and starts talking about, ‘I don’t think I can do this again.’

“One of our biggest challenges during the treatment was that Poppy, and Poppy’s peers who were so young, didn’t understand about cancer and the changes that were happening to Mika. That made it all so terrifying.”

Support kids like Poppy and her siblings to smile again

Poppy poking Camp Quality Puppet

Poppy has since been on a Family Camp where she could reconnect and make happy memories with her family and laugh again. She also attended a Mini Camp where she was able to make new friends who understood about cancer – and dance at a Space Disco!

Best of all, now that COVID restrictions have eased, the Camp Quality Puppets can finally visit Poppy’s school, with our Cancer Education Program, to teach her friends about what happened to Mika. This makes school a more inclusive place for any child facing their own cancer diagnosis or the diagnosis of a sibling or parent, and helps reduce bullying, mental health issues and absenteeism.

Do you have a child impacted by cancer in the family?
Poppy and Mika lying down in hospital bed

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